5 Easy Ways to Treat Cold and Influenza

admin   September 6, 2016   Comments Off on 5 Easy Ways to Treat Cold and Influenza

Health tipsCold and influenza are brought on because of viruses and bacteria. Viruses and bacteria are really easy to permeate all of the rooms. Both spread through the air. This is the reason why this kind of diseases or illness is really easy to infect the others person in the same room. Chills and dust are really sensitive for people who catch a cold. Suffering cold and influenza really disturbs someone’s daily activity. So, here are several easy ways to take care of your cold and influenza:

  1. Drink more water

There is already a lot of information which declare that mineral water is really useful for human health. One of the advantages of drinking more water is it helps to treat cold and influenza. Drink more water can help the body to clear the throat from any causation germs or viruses of cold and influenza.

  1. Fulltime resting

Someone who is suffering cold and influenza means has a susceptible body immune. They need full time resting for the recovery process. You had better take sick leave for several days.

  1. Consuming fruits and vegetables

Besides you have sick leave days for full time resting, you had better consume fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables will help recovery process of your immune systems. With the vitamin and mineral contents of fruits and vegetables, you are able to have your stamina back.

  1. Consuming warm spices

Warm spices such as ginger, galingale, or citronella are able to make your body feel better. You are able to boil those spices at the sufficiently water. Drink that boil spice water and feel its warm sensation within your body.

  1. Applying for eucalyptus oil

An aroma from eucalyptus oil will help to open someone’s bronchial tube. It helps out the illness within the nose. Dab the oil on around the nose. It reduces the effects of cold and influenza.

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