Cabbage Benefits for Your Health

admin   December 13, 2016   Comments Off on Cabbage Benefits for Your Health

Health tipsWho do not like vegetables? If you hate vegetables; you should begin to love them from now on. It is because there are so many benefits of vegetables for your health, especially cabbage. Cabbage is a fresh vegetable that is not only in soup or other cooking but also as beverages. You can drink cabbage juice as well. It will taste good if you know how to make it good. So, do you want to know more about the benefits of cabbage? Let see the paragraphs below.

As you know, vitamin C is very important for people body. Then, you know what, this cabbage has abundant in vitamin C. A lot of fruits have abundant vitamin C as well but this cabbage has abundant vitamin C too. Then, this cabbage is also rich in fiber and sulfur that is good for your body. Other than that, because cabbage-rich in fiber it can help constipation as well. Then, it helps gastric ulcers and endocrine system too. Then, if you know cholesterol is bad; this cabbage can reduce or lower your cholesterol as well. The last benefits of this cabbage are anti-inflammatory and can repair your damage skin cells as well.

So, to make your body healthier, you should add cabbage in your recipe of soup and juice from now on. You can add sugar in your cabbage juice; however, if you think sugar is not healthy, you can use honey or other healthy sugar for your cabbage juice. You can make cabbage soup as well. Cabbage is cooked with other vegetables will taste good too. You can add other healthy spices to your cabbage soup. That is all the information about the benefits of cabbage you should know; especially if you like to cook your own food in your home.

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