Can Black People Get Lice As Much As Whites?

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Can Black People Get LiceThere is always an effort to compare between black and white people. One of them is related to head lice infestation. For those who are wondering, the questions will be like this “can black people get lice?” it is the first question that most people encounter, and the answer is yes. However, one thing that should be noted here is that white people also can get lice too. The question is supposed to be whether people can get lice, but somehow it is asked whether blacks can get lice. One reason why this question arises is since black people’s hair is unique. They are like woods that can be an excellent home for any kind of lice. Therefore, people are asking such question.

Can Black People Get Lice, And How Is The Frequency?

One important point that should be noted here is that black people get lice and white people get lice. However, the comparison between the frequency of blacks and whites getting the lice may surprise you. It turns out that lice love to inhibit whites’ hair instead of black. Therefore, the answer to the first question in the title “can black people get lice as much as whites?” is simply a no. The White community is at open risk of getting lice and there are some reasons behind that.

First, it is worth noting that the real cause of getting lice is because of hair contact. Whites do that often by doing expression of affection such as cuddling. Sleeping together also can trigger the transfer lice because of contact between hairs. Further, it is worth noting that black people have hair structure that is not ‘friendly’ for lice because the lice can slip out from the hair and eventually dies. Can black people get lice as much as white? No.

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