Download Android Apk and Pokemon Games: Playing with Pokemon in Pokemon Ruby

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Android Apk and Pokemon GamesPokemon games are such challenging and entertaining games which have many versions. If you are fans of the game or just wonder how the game look like you may download Android Apk and Pokemon Games to experience fun games with some strange creatures, Pokemon. Pokemon have been well known for manga, films, anime series, monopoly, soundtracks, and of course game. The popularity of Pokemon makes every product of Pokemon will be well known all over the world includes the game. There are many games of Pokemon you are able to download in play store with each of them has its own characteristics. One of Pokemon games which will be discussed here is called Pokemon Ruby.

Download Android Apk and Pokemon Games: Playing Challenging Pokemon Ruby

Pokemon Ruby has some similarities with other Pokemon games such as Pokemon Silver, Pokémon Gold, and Pokemon Crystal. The similarity can be found at the time when the player may choose to be a girl or boy trainer, then there is an internal clock to set event at certain time. Moreover, to help players keep track of some stats, the handy-dady Pokedex is offered in this game. There are many people who download Android Apk and Pokemon Games, and some of them consider Pokemon Ruby as the exciting game ever. Moreover, the developer of Pokemon games has updated some new amazing graphics such as weather effects, sound, and 100 new species of Pokemon.

The game has the main focus on how many berries are used in the game battle. If you can collect some berries, you can make PokeBlock by using Berry Blender. PokeBlock is a super-charged candy that is used to raise your Pokémon’s attributes. Moreover, in the purpose of unlocking additional contests, your Pokemon has to join regional contest and compete for ribbons, the contest is called “Best of Show”. If you need strategy in this game, all you have to do is collecting berries as many as possible. Besides, in this Pokemon Ruby you are allowed to build a Secret Base in certain games’ areas, and you are able to decorate as you want. Well, if you have a plan to download Android Apk and Pokemon Games, just do not be hesitate because the games are so worth playing.

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