Free iPhone 6: Spotting Scam from Free Campaigns

admin   June 28, 2016   Comments Off on Free iPhone 6: Spotting Scam from Free Campaigns

free iphone 6Scam has been popular on the internet since it is easily found, and there is no advantage we can take from this rubbish. One of the most found scam is the offer of phones such as free iPhone 6. The scammers make the offer like the real one, but after all, it is all fake. Scam itself is a scheme for cheating an individual or groups by giving false information during an offer. This will give harmful effect to them whether it will spread the virus or hack the system. There are various of scams on the internet, and we will discuss one of them called free campaigns.

Free iPhone 6 Scams on Social Media

Actually, there are some companies that run a legitimate contest to win an iPhone on some social medias such as Facebook, twitter, Pinterest, etc., but most of them are definitely fake. Among those social media platforms, Facebook is the one who frequently used to spread that scams. The system of scam in Facebook is easy, once you open Facebook, you will find a link to take you to the website that organize the contest of free iPhone 6. You are asked to click that link, and then share it to your friends on Facebook. After that, you are redirected into a page in which require you to fill one or more surveys in order to get iPhone for free. The surveys are about your personal data such as name, address, and phone number or e-mail.

Honestly, you are not directed into the page in which you can get a chance to win an iPhone, you are just redirected into another surveys, the continual surveys. The scammers have been worked to deceive you by presenting such a false offer about free iPhone contest. Besides, you will spam all your friends with this fake promo. After all, you have to be careful in order to avoid this kind of dirty trick. Well, for you who want to take a chance to win an iPhone 6, you must visit this reliable page free iPhone 6.

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