Review of PC Games Downloads XCOM 2

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PC Games DownloadXCOM 2 has a difficulty level that is extremely high in the beginning of the PC games download. Like a new baby learning to walk, this game has high expectations of his players to directly run. The first mission after the tutorial should I live really a catastrophe. Just imagine, just four base-capable forces, conventional technology, and shot just always been hardly hit, XCOM 2 already drawn attention to the enemies of a strong team this saddens us.

Challenging XCOM 2 PC Games Download

We have to deal directly with more than one Sectoid is capable of controlling the mind. Sectoid has eight HP, while the assault rifle which we use only able to provide three to four damage, that is, if taxable. Then there was another ADVENT Officer with exceptionally high accuracy is able to give commands to all the enemies to focus on attacking one person. When he has given his command, we were able to assure the members of your team will be disqualified in this PC games download.

After two to three missions, we met Codex. He was a nightmare we had to face during the initial phase of the game. If we give him damage, Codex will split up. It also has an area attack that can make instantaneous blank ammunition and give damage to the next turn if our soldiers are still there. It’s a troublesome enemy. Although XCOM 2 will make you suffer from missions beginning, but you can take advantage of the many new game mechanics that Firaxis Games embed in this game to make the struggle easier and better. Features concealment gives new wind to XCOM 2. The problem, now you can choose furtively approaches to position their troops well and do an ambush, or aggressive from the start of the PC games download and attacked the whole thing moving in front of you.

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