Sedentary Lifestyle as Slow Unnoticeable Killer

admin   November 30, 2016   Comments Off on Sedentary Lifestyle as Slow Unnoticeable Killer

Health lifeEarlier in life people go hunt for foods. They walk, run, and are completely aggressive to get foods from nature. With this habit, there is some historical evidence that people back then lived for more than 100 years without a problem. However, it really seems something impossible now, and one factor that people may not recognize is because of a sedentary lifestyle. This lifestyle is actually not suitable for the nature of human being because it keeps the muscle and organ undeveloped. They are not prepared or strengthened for advancing into next year to come. Moreover, with some facts regarding the effect of sedentary lifestyle, it is worth noting that it is quite a dangerous habit that a person can do.

The sedentary lifestyle is, unfortunately, unavoidable because it is one part of human activities. However, it is worth noting that this lifestyle has taken quite long time without people realizing it. One devastating form of sedentary lifestyle is sitting. It is quite fun activity because you move no muscle. However, your body is no comfortable with it, but they cannot send a signal to you properly. It is actually because of the ignorance that also leads to resistance to responsive neurons. In this case, it is practically difficult or even impossible to know your body limit. After finishing sitting down, your body may feel both refreshed and shocked at the same time. The later, however, is not really nice because it is like putting a heavy weight on muscle especially if you sit too long.

A sedentary lifestyle is often associated with sitting a lot. However, it turns out that sleeping a lot is also considered as a sedentary lifestyle. Those who sleep for more than recommended sleeping duration is classified as sedentary, and the effect is more or less similar to previous explanation. This lifestyle is absolutely not good, and it is highly necessary to stay active to avoid any unfortunate situation in the future.

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