Simple Spiderman Birthday Cake

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Spiderman CakeSpiderman birthday cake will always be the perfect inspiration for people who love this superhero character. Then, do you like this another side of Peter Parker or only your near person who like him? This superhero has more than one movie version but it is never boring because Spiderman is great even on a birthday cake. So, let us see the tips of making a perfect birthday cake with Spiderman theme for yourself or someone near you. Check it out below.

The Idea of Simple Spiderman Birthday Cake

What cake do you like? Whatever kind of cake you like it does not really matter as long as the decoration is Spiderman, right? Then, prepare any cake you like for this simple Spiderman cake for a birthday. You know, rounded shape of cake will be better for this Spiderman theme because it will be easy to decorate a spider web on it. You can imagine how the cake will be like if you choose square shape cake. Ok, firstly, you only need the fondant and also buttercream to decorate the Spiderman birthday cake. The tools for decorating are the same as other birthday cake decoration; such as a piping bag, knife, and cake board and so on.

Afterward, you should choose the cover of your cake with the red color of fondant. It will be the base of your Spiderman cake. Make the fondant as perfect as possible. Make it smooth and neat on your cake. Then, begin to draw the spider web on it by using the piping bag. Then, the last step, you can make one spider that is the symbol of Spiderman in the middle of your delicious cake. That is all your Spiderman birthday cake is done and ready to be a surprise. Hope it will be helpful.

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