Smart in Choosing Public Transportation

admin   October 25, 2016   Comments Off on Smart in Choosing Public Transportation

Health tipsSome of us might choose to be on foot to go to our office or school. This could be done if our home is not that far from the office or the school. But, if we are quite far from the office we might choose to ride a vehicle to be able to come in time in the office. Some of us think that riding a bicycle is preferable because it could make us healthy and take some exercise every day. The other thing that we must consider is that we need to use public transportation to go to the office.

Some public transportation is not preferable because they have some problems listed. The problems could be in the form of the facilities. There are some promised facilities of the public transportation such as a comfortable seat or just a good interior that could make you calm down. But, most of them are just broken and make an uncomfortable ride on your way to your office. Therefore, you will stop doing some effort or struggle to go to your office because you lost so much energy when you are on that bus or other public transportation due to its condition.

The other thing that you must know is that public transportation is there to support the decreasing of private cars used in the public. Because the car and some motorcycle eat quite a much fossil fuel in this world that is going into depletion. The reason why we must keep the number of the car is down because the pollution is just too high for the air of the town. It is really dangerous to keep increasing the pollution rate. Therefore, the public transportation which is of a good quality is the best choice for you to save the world and stay healthy every day.

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