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All About Black Pink Profile

black pink profileYou know that Black Pink is the sister of 2NE1 girl group the legend of the girl group. Are you sad because 2NE1 is gone? It is okay, you should know that Black Pink is great as well. You can see Black Pink profile and know more about the information of the members here. If you are the fans of the girl group; then, you are opening the right article. It is because you will get the clear and brief explanation of the profile. Let us see the paragraphs below.

All About Black Pink Profile For You

Black Pink has opened their group with a cool song titled ‘Boombayah’. This group is under YG Entertainment. If you like 2NE1, you should try to like this girl group as well. Black Pink has four members; they are Jisoo, Jennie, Rose and Lisa. The face of the group and the vocalist is Jisoo with Kim Ji Soo as the birth name. She is born in 1995, 3rd January. Then, the next Black Pink profile is Jennie as the rapper of the group. Her full name is Jennie Kim. She was born in 1996, 16th January. After that, there is Rose, Korean girl who lives long in New Zealand. She was born in 1997 of 11th February. Then, there is Lisa who comes from Thailand. She is the youngest member who was born in 1997, 27th of March. Her full name is Lalisa Manoban.

Besides, Lisa is also the rapper of the group and the sub vocalist. Well, they have a birth name and then have stage name as well. However, they have nicknames too. Do you want to know more about their information include the nicknames? OK, you can read one website page on the internet. Where is it? Visit Black Pink profile and you can see the history and other information about them.