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On Board Economy Class With Scoot Singapore

scootScoot Singapore is one of the airlines that help you to travel faster than travel with another kind of vehicle. This airline is called as low-cost airlines because you do not need to prepare much budget to get the airline ticket. In the plane, you do not only get the place to sleep but also some meals to enjoy when the plane go in the air. In its operation, the airline, which is owned by Singapore airlines, have a two-class configuration. It is economy class, business class. There have some differences if you take the plane with economy class or using business class.

Type Of Seat In Scoot Singapore Economy Class

In an economy class, there are some types of the bundle, which has different service. The first type is the fly type. In this type, you only get an economy seat without the baggage and meal available. The second type is fly bag type. Of this type, there is economy seat completed with 20Kgs baggage allowance that should check first before you go to flight. The last type is Fly Bag Eat. In this type, you are not only can enjoy the flight in the economy seat but also with 20Kgs checked baggage provided before takeoff. Moreover, you can get a hot meal and beverages if you choose this type. Even though, if you want to have a meal during on board from scoot Singapore, you should pre-order the meals when you are fulfilling the flight ticket.

In scoot economy class, there are 340 or 314 seats depend on the series of the plane that you take. In this plane, the seat configuration is 3-3-3 seats in a row. Each seat has 31inches pitch and 18inches width, which can be stretched up to 34-36inches. The sets also have a different model. In the economy class flight, you can find standard seats and super seats applied in the plane. There is also stretch seat that has larger space than the other seats. Then, you can also reserve scoot-in-silence seat where it is super exclusive scoot Singapore seat, which is very comfort to be used, and the adjustable seats completed with comfort headrests.