Tips to Stop Smoking

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Health tipsHave you known that smoking is very dangerous for your health? Do you want to stop smoking but you find difficult? Smoking is a bad habit that causes health problem or even death. If you want to stop smoking but you feel hard to leave it, you should read these tips below:

1. Motivation

You must have a strong motivation to help you to stay on track to stop smoking. You must have a strong motivation so when you want to smoke again, you can remind your motivation, for example, want to live a healthier, more frugal, keeping the one you love, or something else.

2. Determine the target

Many people who want to stop smoking prefer to reduce the cigarette first. That tips can be effective, but when you have taken one usually you want to take and take again. Thus, that is no longer effective. Set your target now. Throw your cigarette right now!

3. Replace nicotine

Nicotine is the substance that makes people addicted to smoke. To be successful to stop smoking, prepare the nicotine replacement. You can discuss with your doctor to get a prescription to deal with the addiction. Busyness can also make you distracted from nicotine. Therefore, tell the people nearby to help you distract from smoking. You can eat more vegetables and fruits but you are prohibited to change the cigarette with alcohol.

4. Be ready with some symptoms

If you often smoke, you will face some symptoms. You can suffer from depression, unfocused, insomnia, and stress. Cigarettes will overshadow you while sleeping. You should be ready with all these symptoms with nicotine replacement.

5. Reward yourself

Stop smoking is a difficult job so you can reward yourself. After following the tips above you can give a reward like going vacation, traveling or buying an expensive thing.

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